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Culver Leather Bag



The Culver Bag was designed from the ground-up to last a lifetime. Made entirely out of US-raised, authentic water buffalo leather and metal rivets, the Culver all-leather bag is ideal for situations where you want a durable, functional, and upscale fashion piece.

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  • US-raised Authentic Water Buffalo Leather
  • Beautiful Metal Fittings
  • Organic Stitches
  • 9" x 9" front pocket.
  • Gorgeous Metal Rivets.
  • 24" Leather Straps.
  • Made from 100% US-Raised Water Buffalo Leather.
  • The main bag body is made from one piece of leather for increased durability.
  • Hand-cut and made in Georgia by KODA.
To keep your bag in tip-top shape, just wipe it clean!


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