Made in Georgia

Tanoak - Full-Leather Bib Apron


Koda Tanoak Full-Leather Bib ApronKoda Tanoak Full-Leather Bib Apron

Tanoak Full-Leather Bib Apron

Self-Adjusting Crossover Neck Straps:

Crossover Neck Strap

Made from US-Raised Water Buffalo Leather Trim, the Tanoak is our most heavy-duty apron available. Durable and comfortable, the Tanoak is an all-purpose apron for the toughest of jobs.



Straps available in two configurations:

  • Self-Adjusting Crossover Straps  (worn across the back for extra support)
  • Adjustable Neck Strap (worn around the neck for traditional styling, available in cotton or leather)

We offer three sizes:

  • Small: 32” tall x 27.5” wide
  • Large: 33.5” tall x 30” wide
  • Extra Large: 35” tall x 34” wide