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  • KODA apron founder Mario and Shirley Matos
  • apron Seamstress
  • Apron Printing Press
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  • sewing a KODA apron
  • the KODA marketing team (circa 2017)

Legend has it that my grandfather brought with him two things from the old world when he immigrated to America: a tool box and an apron. My grandfather was a silversmith, an artist, and an apron wearer.

I have been manufacturing aprons for over 30 years now, and my grandfather’s apron never left my mind. The heavy canvas, the rivets, the grommets: these things reminded me of a life well-lived. I have mass-produced millions of aprons through the years, for many mainstream restaurant chains across the nation. Chances are that you have seen or even worn some of them. They were good aprons, durable aprons, but they lacked the character of my grandfather’s.

I decided to design and manufacture not only what I think is the most durable and comfortable aprons ever made, but just as importantly, for them to have character. Every single element of the aprons has been made not to duplicate my grandfather’s apron, but honor it. The heavy canvas, the leather, the metal grommets and cross over ties: these things were only the beginning. A product designed to show age with dignity, a product designed to say, “I have been here before,  I am here to serve you.” That is what the KODA line is all about.

I design and make KODA aprons for someone like you: a person seeking to stand alone in a world full of commonness.

Mario Matos
Apron Maker

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