Neck Straps

100% US Made


Koda Cross-Over Backstraps, apron

We will be the first to admit it: we did not invent the wheel. And we didn't invent the crossover back strap, either -- but we know a great idea when we see one! The crossover back strap has been around for few hundred years; all we did was update the design for the 21st century.

The problem with regular aprons is that all the weight is put on the wearer's neck. You might not think that is a problem, but if you have to carry pads of paper, ketchup bottles, silverware, etc, over time you will get a little sore. The crossover straps take the weight off of your neck and distributes it evenly over your shoulders and back. Think of this principle like you would a book bag: if you wear it on one shoulder, you wear out more quickly. If you put it on completely and distribute the weight over your back, shoulders, and core, you will be able to last a much longer time. And when you have a long shift, every bit of comfort makes a huge difference.

Traditional (Cotton Webbing)

Don't need the extra support provided by our crossover straps? KODA also offers fully adjustable neck straps for all of our aprons! Made from durable, USA-made organic cotton and featuring metal sliders with an antique brass finish, these straps are perfect for a cleaner, more conventional look.

Traditional (Real Leather)

Looking for something a bit sturdier? Our traditional neck straps are also available in durable, US-raised water buffalo leather.